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Features and Benefits



The importance of being Earnest... "buyer comfort" - your company is earnest (sincere, fair, and serious) in its business dealings


  • Benefit to the customer knowledge that s/he will get what is wanted, on time and if not exactly what was promised, then product/service will be made right
  • Benefit to the seller is a happy customer, more likely to be a repeat buyer. May be willing to pay a premium for your offering.

NOTE: Why We said; "The importance of being Earnest"

Being "earnest",is a pun based on the title of a play by Oscar Wilde: "The Importance of Being Earnest...".

As we use it here, Earnest means: resolute, serious, sincere, fervent, intent, purposeful, determined, industrious; all of which are qualities of depth and firmness about doing the right thing. Earnest implies having a purpose and being steadily eager in pursuing it.

  • Art Licensing Guidebook


    Professional Art Licensing. A Different Approach to the Art Business – an art licensing instruction-set, (Art Licensing Guidebook), explaining what it takes for an artist get their work seen and acted-upon by licensing decision-makers. ...
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  • Personal Branding


    Branding yourself is not an option. You have a “brand” right now; it is either positive, negative or neutral; probably neutral in the marketing world. ...
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  • The Parts of a Licensing Agreement


    There are essentially two major parts to any (well-written) license agreement. The First part of the license agreement ...
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  • What is Art Licensing


    Art Licensing, in the simplest of terms, is renting your copyright (art) to someone to use on their product.. The “rental” is governed by a license agreement describing both legal terms & business terms: including liability, payments and others. ...
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